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Commissioning art works in the public realm

Paul Cowell talks to us about how his early creative experiences in Bradford, led to him commissioning art works in the public realm.

Episode date: 19 January 2023

In this episode, we talk to Paul Cowell, Head of Culture & Libraries at Medway Council, about growing up in Bradford and being inspired by his Mum’s involvement with Am Dram; creating environments and loving pavilions; the importance of words in public art. Plus the positive power of beauty, dreams of a giant bobble hat and Take That.

We talk about links to several projects mentioned by Paul:

Peveril Gardens by Sanchez Benton
Together by Lucid Creates
You & Me & Me & You by Anthony Burrill
Me. Here Now by Mark Titchner


Podcast Hosts: Louise Francis and Laura Knight

Podcast Guests: Paul Cowell

Production: Mark Hewitt and John Avery

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