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Transitioning Artistic Practice to Make More Meaningful and Regenerative Work 

Transitioning Artistic Practice

Happy New Year!

Published date: 10 January 2023

Just before the Christmas break, we published Episode 2 in our second podcast series, Talking Public Art – a conversation with artist and long-time collaborator Kerry Lemon.

If you haven’t already listened to previously released installments from our podcast – please do check out the back-catalogue – we are proud to now have 7 episodes available that you can find here or on whichever streaming service you use to listen to audio content.

With this most recent episode, we welcomed the opportunity to talk with Kerry in greater depth and found this to be a really fascinating dialogue – learning more about how she has developed her career and artistic practice over the years.

As we navigate the transition from 2022 to 2023 – themes from our discussion, though recorded a few weeks ago, now seem timely – as we reflect upon personal/professional and larger societal shifts that will be familiar to many.

Having started out as an illustrator producing temporary installations for luxury retail brands, Kerry came to realise she wanted her work to have a more lasting positive impact for society and the natural world.

Kerry found a way to move into producing public art, through working with housing developers and local authorities and has also made a commitment to doing this in a way that ensures regenerative sustainability – truly pushing boundaries by doing this in a radical and creative way – going above and beyond what may often be viewed as a box-ticking exercise by others.

Her recent submission of an application for her Limited Company to become a B-Corporation puts her in a unique position as a solo artist, which she is also finding gives her a competitive edge when it comes to attracting new commissions.

To meet B-Corp’s stringent ethical and sustainability standards, Kerry’s work must demonstrate how it is designed to measure, improve and achieve outstanding commitment to people and planet through everything she does.

This means that she takes a great deal care in choosing and sourcing materials, fabricators and managing the whole process of making her artworks.

Kerry takes a truly collaborative approach to her work – drawing on diverse perspectives from her Advisory Board, maintaining transparency through her practice, and being open and supportive of other emerging artists by volunteering her time as a mentor.

If you’d like to learn more about Kerry, we highly recommend you take a look at her beautiful website and read more about recent projects where we commissioned her to work with us at Conningbrook Lakes and Springfield Mill.

Stand by for this month’s episode featuring special guest Paul Cowell FRSA, Head of Culture & Libraries at Medway Council, who will be bringing a local authority perspective on art in the public realm.

We hope you will be inspired to look ahead to new ways of working to create more meaning and impact in the year ahead. Here’s to a creative, regenerative and prosperous 2023!

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