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The Spaces In Between

The Spaces In Between

So here we are – one year on from the start of the Covid Lockdown in the UK and fingers crossed that restrictions will continue to be eased over the coming weeks and a return to ‘normality’ once more.

Published date: 01 April 2021

It feels as though we are at a real transition moment now in terms of the pandemic moving into its next phase, and also with the change in the seasons with longer brighter days to come.

As we take our regular walks in the Spring sunshine, our local yarn bomber has been busy at work and a new creation has appeared. We have also been busy behind-the-scenes recording a new podcast series which we are excited to be producing in collaboration with writer Mark Hewitt and sound designer/composer John Avery. The podcasts will bring different perspectives and ways of thinking about public art in practice. Watch this space as we will be announcing soon how you can listen in on these thought-provoking conversations with our past and current project partners.

This week we’ve been talking with artist Chris Tipping and landscape architect Mark Fisk about their work. Most recently we have collaborated on Rochester Riverside, Kent with embedded text, architectural ceramics and cast-iron units at the developments Crane Point and Blue Boar Square.

Our discussions continued with the theme of transition coming through in various guises – with a look at the importance of the high street – not just for our retail economy but as a place to meet and socialise and recognition greater thought could be given to spaces in between – how we can we build in more value to our outdoor public realm? This is something we’ve reflected on in a previous blog post. It was great to hear about a couple more fantastic examples from Paris and Barcelona. How could we take inspiration from these to bring a more distinctive feeling to celebrate our local environments?

While you’re waiting for the recordings to be edited and published, you might like to check out this charming podcast from Historic England which also explores ideas relating to the High Street, narrative and people’s stories.

Until then – we would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend as we navigate the continued changes that lie ahead!

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