text on sculpture that reads Icarus, the spirit of adventure

Leysdown Rose-tinted

Transforming public perceptions

FrancisKnight worked alongside Swale Borough Council to lead and deliver an arts in regeneration scheme on the eastern tip of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. Artists were selected for their empathetic approach to the Leysdown Rose-tinted Vision, with art works and engagement that had a clear and meaningful relationship to the village. 

Our role was to programme a series of commissions that demonstrated an incremental approach with community engagement and fundraising. Over a three-year period, we commissioned 12 pieces of permanent artwork by 10 artists, ranging from a website to signage and seating, and a rose garden. These projects have attracted funding worth over £200,000 and over 1,000 people have taken part in many of the workshops, exhibitions and associated activities. 

Mark Hewitt has created a narrative that welcomes people to the village and gives visitors and holidaymakers an idea of what they could do and see in Leysdown. 

Both Mark and Laura have effectively combined through imagery and words the landscape, the beach and the sea, the people, the pride and fun of the holiday village. 

I hope my sign represents the enormous pride people have in the village and the individuality of the place. It’s a fun place to be, as well as being surrounded by areas of great beauty. The sign has the function to direct and inform the visitor, but I hope it’s also a celebration – I’ve had great fun on this project. I’ve also had some of the best fish and chips – delicious! – Laura Boswell 

Leysdown Rose-Tinted Case Study

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