image of memorial seat in location

Kevin Ladley Memorial

A place to sit and reflect in personal tribute

Countryside Properties approached FrancisKnight to undertake a memorial commission for Kevin Ladley, a long-standing member of the Construction Site Management at Horsted Park, Chatham, who sadly died as a result of Covid-19.    

Artist Christopher Tipping was appointed to undertake the commission, made up of a small bench and two makers, one to be located at Horsted Park and another at the Yalding development site.  

A truly emotive commission, many of Kevin’s colleagues and friends put forward ideas and thoughts on what a fitting memorial could be for him.  Christopher has been mindful in his response to these and considered and reflected on celebrating joyful moments and aspects of Kevin Ladley’s life. During his research, Chris has spoken to Kevin’s daughter, looked at Kevin’s drawings and cartoons, his social media posts and pictures and reflected comments from colleagues and friends. 

Whilst Chris’s design cannot accommodate everyone’s thoughts and ideas the designs reflect Kevin’s wry sense of humour, beloved dog, love of running and achievements. Small details like using Kevin’s first name are taken from Kevin’s sketches where he would sign them off in this way.  

To some who will walk past these commissions they will remember and know Kevin, but to others they are works of art that spark a conversation, a question or just a place to sit and reflect on their surroundings. 

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