CGI view of Chatham Waterfront

Chatham Waterfront & Mountbatten House

Two major public art commissions in the heart of Medway

Chatham Waterfront and Mountbatten House are two major regeneration sites bringing residential living and commercial space to the heart of Chatham. Integrated public art commissions that connect and highlight the existing and new architecture and landscaping is programmed for these sites.

Mountbatten House a dominant building within Chatham; is clearly visible from most parts of the town and most notably as you arrive at Chatham train station. The building serves as a way marker into the town centre and a beacon for the Pentagon Shopping Centre that sits at lower levels. Placed in the heart of Chatham town centre, the commission for this building will reflect the people who live, work and visit here.

Built in the 1960s, Chatham Pumping Station is in a prominent location and visually stands out due to its red brick façade. As part of the regeneration of the waterfront Medway Development Company will reinstate its former and distinctive architectural form with the commission complementing the building’s refurbishment and the new public space and plaza, which sits directly in front of it, acting as a backdrop. Artists will be asked to consider how the building and new public space interact with each other and the wider waterfront scheme.

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